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Quality assurance

Customers who use raw materials from Worlée in their finished products can be sure of the most modern quality standards at every level of the company. We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction, and its quality assurance is never left to chance.

We work according to strict guidelines (such as FSSC 22000 or Sedex) that assure transparency in our dealings with suppliers and employees and also guarantee the quality and sustainability of our raw materials.



Refinement Processes

We have long-term working partnerships with many of our producers in countries of origin. Thanks to these relationships, we can be certain that the products meet our high quality standards and are promptly delivered.

The classification and refinement of our raw materials then begins in our production according to customer specifications. All materials must follow a process that extends from an incoming sensory inspection to microbiological checks to our EVW bacterial reduction procedure. . Along the way, the raw products are refined and packaged according to customer specifications.

Our refinement processes:

  • Bacterial reduction and protective treatment of stocks

  • Toasting

  • Homogenization and standardization

  • Cleaning/selection

  • Blending

  • Cutting and granulating

  • Grinding

  • Aromatization

  • Packaging

Research and Development

Modern supermarkets’ enormous selection of products by innumerable manufacturers can be quite overwhelming. Innovative product development is the only way to stand out from the crowd and make a favorable mark on consumer impressions.

With our product and application recommendations, we help our customers achieve precisely this objective. Our internationally experienced team develops new formulations and optimizes existing products, working in constant close consultation with our customers. To this end, we introduce new ideas in workshops and at tastings, and then we evaluate the results together. In advance, our developers seek out exotic and domestic ingredients to present our customers with the best possible products created precisely according to their specifications.

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