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Since 1851, the family company has been active in the international market for raw materials, and over the years it has continually adapted to the requirements of the market.


Today’s Worlée is run by a fifth generation of family management. At our company, extensive experience and the most modern technology combine with unconventional thinking and a strong instinct for future trends.

From spices to vegetables, along with herbs and botanicals, all of Worlée’s product lines clearly reflect the family company’s economical, ecological and social standards.


Along with comprehensive quality management that has achieved certification according to numerous standards, sustainability is a decisive issue that is firmly established at all levels within the company.

With its modern and particularly gentle refinement processes, Worlée offers its customers raw materials from around the world for which the quality and safety levels often exceed marketplace requirements.

Long-standing partnerships with farmers in countries of origin also guarantee a high level of quality even before the products arrive in our facilities for refining and processing. Naturally, products tailored to customers’ individual wishes are available. Highly aware of its responsibility for the next generation, Worlée, together with its subsidiaries, has supported a range of sustainability projects in producer countries.


Reflecting our position as a role model, we have made central concerns out of issues such as environmental protection and equal opportunities.


Whether supporting schools in Egypt or transferring technology to Sri Lanka, Worlée takes its responsibilities very seriously, purposefully forging ahead with its national and international sustainability projects. In our factories, energy efficiency and resource conservation are of primary importance.

Of course, Worlée does not just have responsibilities with respect to its employees and nature, but also, of course, to its customers and suppliers in particular. With high supply reliability and risk minimization, it is possible for us to have the right products at the right time in our warehouse. We seek custom solutions and we are never content until our customers are satisfied as well.


A statement on our vision of “where we see ourselves in ten years” would seem to be appropriate here. However, the past has shown us that such a prognosis is an extremely difficult matter. It takes away the flexibility that we need for a prompt reaction to current world events.

Though we shall not make any statements about the future at this time, we do wish to state the following: with endurance, courage, and long-term vision, Worlée has grown in the last 160 years from a small trading company to a provider of raw materials for the chemical, cosmetic and food industries with a distinguished worldwide reputation.


These values and characteristics have always served our employees, suppliers and customers well in the past – and this is how we shall continue into the future.

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